New Desktop App Update (V3)

Today on 19/12/18 the NETGuard.IO tech team updated the Desktop App of our service to a new major version : V3. With this update, not only UI improvements have been made but also a few new features has been made possible. Are are the 3 main point of this update :

    1. Ticket support in-built in the desktop app
    2. A Simple-Mode obfuscator
    3. Auto-login

1 – Ticket Support System


You can now manage your issues within the Desktop App. No need to access our third-part live-chat channel to receive help, or wait for us to reply to your E-mail.

NETGuard servers will now host a ticket-support system to make sure to improve the user experience. We are determined to improve this feature in the future.

2 – Simple Mode Obfuscation


NETGuard.IO is not an easy software to get with because it is a software which offers tons of features to protect the integrity of your file. If you are not familiar yet with NETGuard config file importation / exportation in the Desktop App, this is your chance to have a more user-friendly eperience.

With the new Simple Mode Obfuscation we drastically reduced the number of parameters you can choose in order to make obfuscation an easy task. You can still access the Advanced Mode Obfuscation by default.

3 – Auto Login


This feature allow you to use NETGuard.IO Desktop App quicker by preventing the Desktop App from asking you to re log-in every time you open the software.

With this, NETGuard is slowly but surely working on the public release of our Licensing System, which will implement such feature.